The Fear2Peace eBook

It's hard to find peace while living in a world of fear. True peace can be found through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Otherwise known as 'The Prince of Peace'.Reading His words in the bible can be very comforting, but can you imagine what it would be like to have a conversation with Him? What might He say to us while going through a particular fear?Based on our interpretation of scripture, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, through much prayer, we have put together a series of our most stressful situations in life and how Jesus may reply to each one of them individually, taking us from Fear To Peace! These 'conversations' include the following: Depression, Divorce, Addictions, Financial Problems, Job Loss, Life's Purpose, Waiting for His Answer to Prayer, Suicidal Thoughts, Chronic Pain, Victims of Abuse, Envy, Loneliness, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Cancer/Chronic Illness, Caregiver, Anger, Bullying, Belief, Grief, and Anxiety!The words of Jesus are very POWERFUL!!! Feel the comfort by simply reading them. A wonderful book for those who are going through any of these situations and have a hard time understanding scripture. People of all ages will find this easy to understand book, a great 'go to' source for all of their fears.

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