Prayer Request for Sarah
May 26, 2016
Please pray for mt marriage.
May 30, 2016

Confirmation That a Loved One Went To Heaven

My mom loves to spend time with her granddaughter, Brandi. She would babysit every Friday morning while her parents were away. Brandi was born after several years of my sister praying that she would conceive, promising God that she would raise a child in faith, teaching her the Word of God. She has always kept that promise.

On one particular morning. my mother was greeted at the door by Brandi, who was 2 1/2 yrs old at the time. This little blonde haired, blue eyed girl, with the face of an an angel, smiled at her grandmother. “Jeep is with Jesus” she said. “What did you just say, Brandi?”, the words not totally making sense at the moment “Jeep is with Jesus”, Brandi replied, shaking her head yes as though she knew exactly what she was talking about. Mom wasn’t sure how to respond so she said nothing more.

A couple hours later she received a call from a relative, informing her that her brother, whose nickname was “Jeep” had passed a few hours before she went to see Brandi. Brandi had not known about her mom’s Uncle Jeep or anything about him as she had never met him.

I believe that this message was sent to my mom to prepare her for the news of the loss of her sibling, and to bring her peace knowing that he was safely home with Jesus.

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