August 9, 2016
Prayer Request for S.T. Job Choices
October 19, 2016

Hope for a future with someone

My husband left a year ago and the youngest of my 3 kids just started college. I do not like being alone but I am for the first time in many years so struggling with overwhelming anxiety and self-image for why I’m not in a better place. I’ve just started a master’s degree in education for Spanish, which is going to require a lot of work to increase my proficiency, and I’m working on a detox and supplement program to feel better and reverse supposed fibromyalgia. I don’t hear or feel God, although I pray daily and go through all the motions. I’ve been told I have unforgiven essential, but not sure why since there was no way our marriage was going to work and I feel it’s a blessing for me that he left. I do think his timing was horrible. So maybe that’s it? Anyway, I would like prayer to ask for help with all of these issues-especially for God to reveal to me the matters I need to work on. I believe in doing whatever possible to get to a better place, just need to know what they are. Thank you so much.

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  1. Barb says:

    Praying that you will feel God’s presence. He is always with us! Please do not feel that God will not forgive you and does not care about you. Although we do not understand why things happen to us in life, one thing we should know for sure is everything that happens will work for our good and the glory of God. This is where faith comes in. Read Bible verses that can help your situation and develop an intimate relationship with Jesus through reading His Word and promises and in His perfect timing he will reveal to you his plans for your future. We serve an awesome God who loves us very much! Your time of peace is coming!

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