Pray for Eric’s salvation!!!!!!!
April 1, 2017

Pray for Eric’s salvation!!!!!!!

There is no greater hope for me than God’s blessings to be upon my friend Eric.My hope ids that Eric need salvation and healing in and through Jess Christ!!!!
You could do nothing greater for me than to pray for Eric.Yes, please pray for Eric that he will be happy, healthy, and filled with real everlasting joy…
“Abba Father, I uphold Eric to you.Please enfold him in your love, grace, mercy, and boundless compassion.May he know that you love him more than anyone could hope!!!
Bless his family and friends…
Bless the place were he lives.Please keep him safe and send Godly Saints of God to speak the truth in love.I pray for God;s best for Eric in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!!!

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