Please pray for my marriage.
July 6, 2016
Hope for a future with someone
August 28, 2016


Prayers needed! I’m embarrassed and have wasted so much time trying to do this on my own, but can’t . Please stand with me in prayer for my husband to return home to our family and for God to put encouraging people in my life. I suffer from severe anxiety and told by my therapist , I SHOULD NOT BE ALONE. However, friends and family don’t understand and have shut me out, leaving me to work it out. I can’t stay focused on my own and embarrassed and scared. Please God hear our prayers, rescue me and restore my family in Jesus ‘ Name I cry out for help!!!

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  1. Barb says:

    Sending prayers. Do not feel embarrassed, as we all struggle with the same things. We were not created to do this life alone. I pray that God will send the right people in your life. I also pray for healing in your marriage. Remember you do not need to be strong that is what we have our Loving Father for. Walk every day in the strength of the Lord!

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