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May 19, 2016
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Spiritual Operation and The Gift of New Life

I want to tell everyone about the way the Lord blessed me recently with the birth of my daughter although I spent eight years of my life battling menstrual problems.

Like the typical adolescent girl I began to menstruate. For roughly one year my cycles were regular, and each one lasted about seven days. While I was thirteen everything changed, and my cycles became irregular in a number of ways. Sometimes I would bleed between periods. At other times my period would last one month then it would skip the following month. There were also times when my period would last one month, then it would return a week later, and last another week or two.

The doctors I saw described my condition as a chemical imbalance. Unfortunately the medicines they prescribed only seemed to work temporarily. Some of the doctors believed that the problem would correct itself as my body matured, and that by the time I turned eighteen years old my periods would be regular. I genuinely appreciated their help, but their insights offered little comfort to me while I continued to endure the physical and emotional affects of this problem. I was constantly sick and tired, I missed a number of days of school, and I rarely felt comfortable about participating in school or social activities. Miraculously, I completed junior and senior high school successfully, and at the age of seventeen I asked Jesus to become my personal Lord and Savior.

The menstrual problem continued into my adult life, and my early college years were so difficult that I had to leave. By that time I neither had the financial means nor the will to see any more doctors. One night when I was about nineteen years old I asked the Lord some questions about my future including the following: Would I ever get married and give birth to children? Jesus, in His gentle voice, answered me and let me know that I would.

About two years later, Jesus let me know that He was going to give me a “spiritual operation” because it was time for me to get healed. The abnormal flow of blood stopped, and I rejoiced. Then something unexpected happened only a few days later. I began to bleed again. Of course I began to worry, but Jesus encouraged me to trust Him. I decided that I would. I expected the flow of blood to stop immediately. It didn’t. As scared as I was I knew I just had to trust Him. The flow lasted seven days before it stopped. About the same time next month my period started and stopped after seven days. This happened again the next month, and the months that followed. I began to realize that I was on the road to recovery.

The next eight years of my life were not always easy: both of my parents passed away; and I returned to college, but at times I struggled. At the same time many good things happened: I met the man who would later become my husband while I was still in college, and I graduated. As I approached thirty-three years of age I got married. Seven months later my husband and I found out I was one month pregnant. Today, at thirty-four years of age, I am the mother of a six-month-old daughter who is active, healthy and strong.

I thank Jesus for everything.

P. Ramirez

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